Construction Industry Council ZCB has transformed into an experiential platform that promulgate awareness in Climate Change and displays the latest Smart City technologies. We hope to bring visitors a totally new exhibition experience through this transformation.

From June till December 2017, our exhibition will be themed as Climate Change and My Smart City consisting four sub-themes:

Please come and join us!

Climate Change

With the prediction that six out of every ten people will be living in cities by 2030, cities will have an increasingly important role in critical decisions and actions for resource consumption and reductions in carbon emissions. They are a focal point for climate change mitigation and adaptation. This theme focuses on the challenge of climate change for Hong Kong and the actions the Government are taking to minimise the adverse impacts of climate change for Hong Kong (including changes in temperatures, sea level rise, rainfall and changes in weather conditions) while building climate resilience and remaining globally competitive.

Smart City & Sustainable Built Environment

This theme considers smart planning and integrated urban and building modelling for smart city design. Exhibits will demonstrate the use of smart technologies to enhance safety and productivity for construction projects which includes:

  • Overseas case study on smart city
  • Green Building Design with VR / AR
  • Smart Building Construction with Full Lifecycle Management
  • Energy Optimization Solution (EOS) for HVAC System
  • Use of VR for safety training

Smart Living

Smart living focuses on the people-orientated dimension of a smart and sustainable city. This encompasses the use of information and communications technology (ICT) and technological innovation to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change by the citizen and the broader community. Also essential to smart city design is urban mobility, including for example intelligent transportation systems in the urban road network. Exhibits includes:

  • Autonomous Vehicle (non-regular exhibit)
  • Smart Mirror
  • Smart Kiosk

Health and Well Being

This theme focuses on smart approaches to health and wellbeing. Cities can use data and digital and intelligent technology to establish a new relationship with citizens and communities. A smart city for health and well-being utilises digital technologies and data to enhance connectivity and engage people to information, city functions and public services that improve health and wellbeing, prevent illness, reduce inequality, and create a higher quality of life for citizens. The theme includes technologies for health data, social care services, citizen welfare, lifestyle, physical activity and resilience. Smart citizens and community engagement is one of means by which to drive a smart city.

  • Use of robotics for habitation
  • RFID Blind Cane Navigation System
  • Automatic Retinal Image for health checking
  • Mobile apps hearing aid solution

* All exhibits are subject to change without prior notice.